Monday, 14 October 2013

Bundles of joy? Or unnecessary confusion?

Hello, we’d like to buy a nice shiny toaster.
Would you like a fridge with that?

No thanks, just the toaster.
Would you like a sink and toilet instead?

No thanks, really we’re fine, we’ll just take the toaster and be on our way.

*Frowns* you really should AT LEAST take the double deluxe ice cream maker with it. It will save you money and help you afford a better quality of life. Everyone else takes this package.

Er, maybe if you think that it’s really necessary?

Excellent choice. Now, would you like the superfast electric whisk type that makes chocolate chips? Or will you just have the battery powered vanilla-only type? 

*Drops toaster and runs away screaming*

Thankfully the above doesn’t often happen. And if it did you’d probably feel the need to a) write to Watchdog, or b) turn it into a sketch show. So why, when trying to buy new broadband, do you get coerced into singing up for a package that includes television and other add ons too.

We don’t like to mention names, but the main four big companies are very insistent that you should bundle everything into one with them. Opting for their phone/TV/broadband bundle sounds simple enough, but then you have to choose one from several different options. And it all gets very complicated. You can just plump for the cheapest, but you'll have to pay extra for fibre optic broadband, free weekend calls, installation and extra channels.

Which brings us to the big question – are they actually any cheaper?
Remember, you don't actually need a TV package at all. A good Freeview box can be yours for a one off payment of under £70. This nifty gadget will allow you to record 100 hours of shows, give you access to hundreds of channels and pass on the magic ability to pause and rewind live TV.

Second point to remember. It starts off sweetly. These bundles from the four biggies always involve a healthy discount for your first six months. And then, bang, you’ll be paying full whack for everything. And how long are you tied in for? A lot of them pin you down for up to 18 months of your life. 

Call us old-fashioned, but we don’t like all the extra jargon and add-ons. Primus Saver has four packages to choose from and these are simple, cheap and straightforward phone broadband options. So if you want a good toaster, that’s exactly what you’ll get. No extra ice cream makers needed.

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