Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Unlimited fibre broadband package from Primus Saver

A quick summary:

Things that are slow: Sloths, paint drying, watching trees grow.
Things that are fast: Whippets, Usain Bolt, fibre-optic broadband.

The internet, or t’internet as we say in Lancashire, is now just as important to most households as the television, gas/electricity or hot food with around 21 million broadband users across the UK.

It can be used to teach, entertain, communicate, buy a house, sell a car, write a blog, check the weather and track old friends.  And oh hasn’t it come along way. From the humble beginning of dial-up, home broadband has not stopped evolving to meet people’s needs……..a bit like us really.

And on this note we are pleased to announce the arrival of our very own fibreoptic broadband packages. Don’t worry though, the technology may have changed but our approach to pricing hasn’t and our costs are still lower than a Spaniels’ ears.

For more information on Primus Saver Fibre Broadband packages, click here  

Here at New Call Telecom, we think broadband is a good thing and sometimes, good things just keep getting better!

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  1. This is a LIE! No one is willing to help me with the fact since I had fibre optic installed it now SLOWER then regular broadband and not one of your team is willing to help or tell me why!!!