Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Straight talking………..we tell it like it is!

Very much like the modern day soap opera it’s easy to see why many people become confused by the numerous plot twists and turns that is now the telecoms industry in the UK. Plusnet is a BT group owned company, Tiscali is actually owned by Talk Talk, O2 broadband is now owned by BSkyB and just who the devil are Openreach, well they are a BT group company too.

What was once a monopoly has since evolved into a complex landscape of wholesale service providers resellers, acquisitions, products and the emergence of a whole new language based around the use of three letter acronyms or TLAs for short.

The rapid change in the telecom industry over the last decade has given consumers more menu options for their phone and broadband than they would get from a local takeaway!

“Phone, broadband, phone and broadband, TV packages, no calls, evening calls, weekend calls, any time calls, international calls……and do you want chips with that?”

We don’t profess to know everything about everything, what we do best is to keep things clear and simple.We make all our packages easy to understand use and to live with. Jargon free!

Nigel Eastwood, CEO

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