Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Social Services

We have taken the plunge and launched new social channels for our Primus Saver brand. You can now like & message Primus Saver on Facebook or follow and tweet us on Twitter.  
Social platforms are becoming more and more important for consumers, we hope that our Facebook and Twitter pages will benefit our customers making it easier to drop us question, find out more about us, or have a rant, whatever it is we will try our best to help out.
We also hope to be able to provide some useful information about the services, the call-wait time on the phones, billing dates, features, and any tips for using ‘My Account’.
As a utility provider we are mainly talked about when it doesn't work as expected,  so there will be negativity, which we will deal with as best we can.  The value will come as we learn about ourselves, and through the insights we gain, will improve the services we offer.
The fact that all the giant telcos are in the same boat with regards to the new social environments is a great leveler for smaller companies like ours. As long as we continue to improve with the help of social media and other applications and innovations we should be in good shape for our customers.

Nigel Eastwood, CEO


  1. Primus isn't a terrible a telecom provider, the negativity appears when impatient consumers with no grasp on the process of connections and billing are able to be heard over those who enjoy your services. I have only two niggles with Primus. First one is, I don't like the new billing system in that the phone bill, even though it;s an ebill, is too long. It goes over 5 pages sometimes, the old bills were better. Second one is that although you are called newcall telecom, it would be better to stay with your brand on your phone bills and phone system rather than rhyming off all your brands. Apart from that I think Primus is fine.

    1. I wouldnt say waiting months for a refund, over 25 emails to support, non existent replies, false information and poor service, and sub-standard equipment really fall under the category of "no grasp on the process." I happen to work in IT support so I know exactly what goes on behind the scenes, and this company falls far short of even the base level of customer service and product quality.

    2. I'm with you Gaz. Mr Eggertons comments support primus with just a light touch of . criticism for the company ? Only silly negative people like us not grasping things ? wonder if he is connected with the company in some way ? Spread the word and hope you logged complaints with offcom ,they are fairly toothless but have to take some action if enough complaints are received.

  2. Hi Scott,
    Thanks for your comment. Your are right, the processes involved are not as straight forward as they may seem and not always within our control. But we try our best.
    I will take your niggles on board & see if there is anything we can do to improve the bill length & the branding issue you have highlighted.

  3. What about withdrawal of promised reduced rental one month in to contract ! Over billing , billing from a date prior to taking line over. impossible to contact customer services by phone. slow email response contradictory responses when you do get a reply. Obstructive complaints process send snail mail to escalate complaint why ? so that letters can be lost and process can go on longer ? worst company I have ever dealt with. Go to review centre and read the recurring themes there. All by people who don't understand ? Really . ?