Friday, 6 December 2013

The Gadget Show says: Primus Saver is the best budget buy

We were featured on telly last night – and it wasn't on Rogue Traders or Crime Watch.
Primus Saver got a glowing review by watchdog of consumer products, The Gadget Show. Fed up of being bamboozled by bundles, straight talking presenter John Bentley went through the best deals on the market. And we came up trumps.

The Gadget Show trawled through all the millions of different offers the public are faced with when choosing internet providers. These were then arranged in different categories: light users, medium users and heavy users, depending on your household internet usage. The best all-round deal for each was then recommended.Primus Saver won the 'light user' category for our £11.61 per month contract that gives you 16MBps and a download limit of 20GB .

So we are officially the best budget option. Not our words, the words of The Gadget Show.  And whilst we’ve still got your attention, here are some interesting facts for you to slip into your next conversation and dazzle folk with. Strap yourself in for these:

  •      More than 80% of UK homes are now hooked up to broadband

  • ·    We use up an average of 23GB a month

Okay, we’re done now.

Monday, 14 October 2013

Bundles of joy? Or unnecessary confusion?

Hello, we’d like to buy a nice shiny toaster.
Would you like a fridge with that?

No thanks, just the toaster.
Would you like a sink and toilet instead?

No thanks, really we’re fine, we’ll just take the toaster and be on our way.

*Frowns* you really should AT LEAST take the double deluxe ice cream maker with it. It will save you money and help you afford a better quality of life. Everyone else takes this package.

Er, maybe if you think that it’s really necessary?

Excellent choice. Now, would you like the superfast electric whisk type that makes chocolate chips? Or will you just have the battery powered vanilla-only type? 

*Drops toaster and runs away screaming*

Thankfully the above doesn’t often happen. And if it did you’d probably feel the need to a) write to Watchdog, or b) turn it into a sketch show. So why, when trying to buy new broadband, do you get coerced into singing up for a package that includes television and other add ons too.

We don’t like to mention names, but the main four big companies are very insistent that you should bundle everything into one with them. Opting for their phone/TV/broadband bundle sounds simple enough, but then you have to choose one from several different options. And it all gets very complicated. You can just plump for the cheapest, but you'll have to pay extra for fibre optic broadband, free weekend calls, installation and extra channels.

Which brings us to the big question – are they actually any cheaper?
Remember, you don't actually need a TV package at all. A good Freeview box can be yours for a one off payment of under £70. This nifty gadget will allow you to record 100 hours of shows, give you access to hundreds of channels and pass on the magic ability to pause and rewind live TV.

Second point to remember. It starts off sweetly. These bundles from the four biggies always involve a healthy discount for your first six months. And then, bang, you’ll be paying full whack for everything. And how long are you tied in for? A lot of them pin you down for up to 18 months of your life. 

Call us old-fashioned, but we don’t like all the extra jargon and add-ons. Primus Saver has four packages to choose from and these are simple, cheap and straightforward phone broadband options. So if you want a good toaster, that’s exactly what you’ll get. No extra ice cream makers needed.

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

The future's bright, the future's Burnley

The little old town in the heart of Lancashire has been crowned the most enterprising place in the UK and it really hasn't come as such a big surprise. The once thriving cotton industry has now been replaced with dynamic and innovative enterprises all helping to bring fresh life and employment to perhaps a once neglected area

Primus Saver, brought to you by New Call Telecom has helped promote Burnley as a place for budding businesses so when the town won the Enterprising Britain award 2013, we couldn't help but feel a sense of great pride. After all, we don’t like to blow our own trumpet but we’d like to think we've had a small part to play.

As part of this award naturally there has also been a great deal of interest in the North West and, more excitingly, New Call Telecom. In fact our very own CEO Nigel Eastwood has even been put under the make-up brush to appear on BBC’s ‘The One Show’ to talk about how we bucked the trend of oversees call centres to grow and establish ourselves right here in the good old United Kingdom.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Unlimited fibre broadband package from Primus Saver

A quick summary:

Things that are slow: Sloths, paint drying, watching trees grow.
Things that are fast: Whippets, Usain Bolt, fibre-optic broadband.

The internet, or t’internet as we say in Lancashire, is now just as important to most households as the television, gas/electricity or hot food with around 21 million broadband users across the UK.

It can be used to teach, entertain, communicate, buy a house, sell a car, write a blog, check the weather and track old friends.  And oh hasn’t it come along way. From the humble beginning of dial-up, home broadband has not stopped evolving to meet people’s needs……..a bit like us really.

And on this note we are pleased to announce the arrival of our very own fibreoptic broadband packages. Don’t worry though, the technology may have changed but our approach to pricing hasn’t and our costs are still lower than a Spaniels’ ears.

For more information on Primus Saver Fibre Broadband packages, click here  

Here at New Call Telecom, we think broadband is a good thing and sometimes, good things just keep getting better!

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Straight talking………..we tell it like it is!

Very much like the modern day soap opera it’s easy to see why many people become confused by the numerous plot twists and turns that is now the telecoms industry in the UK. Plusnet is a BT group owned company, Tiscali is actually owned by Talk Talk, O2 broadband is now owned by BSkyB and just who the devil are Openreach, well they are a BT group company too.

What was once a monopoly has since evolved into a complex landscape of wholesale service providers resellers, acquisitions, products and the emergence of a whole new language based around the use of three letter acronyms or TLAs for short.

The rapid change in the telecom industry over the last decade has given consumers more menu options for their phone and broadband than they would get from a local takeaway!

“Phone, broadband, phone and broadband, TV packages, no calls, evening calls, weekend calls, any time calls, international calls……and do you want chips with that?”

We don’t profess to know everything about everything, what we do best is to keep things clear and simple.We make all our packages easy to understand use and to live with. Jargon free!

Nigel Eastwood, CEO

Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Social Services

We have taken the plunge and launched new social channels for our Primus Saver brand. You can now like & message Primus Saver on Facebook or follow and tweet us on Twitter.  
Social platforms are becoming more and more important for consumers, we hope that our Facebook and Twitter pages will benefit our customers making it easier to drop us question, find out more about us, or have a rant, whatever it is we will try our best to help out.
We also hope to be able to provide some useful information about the services, the call-wait time on the phones, billing dates, features, and any tips for using ‘My Account’.
As a utility provider we are mainly talked about when it doesn't work as expected,  so there will be negativity, which we will deal with as best we can.  The value will come as we learn about ourselves, and through the insights we gain, will improve the services we offer.
The fact that all the giant telcos are in the same boat with regards to the new social environments is a great leveler for smaller companies like ours. As long as we continue to improve with the help of social media and other applications and innovations we should be in good shape for our customers.

Nigel Eastwood, CEO

Monday, 25 March 2013

Black Ties

We have had a busy first Qtr 2013. But this Qtr has had the added bonus of our company being selected for two business awards. 

From amongst hundreds of nominees across the North West we were one of the four finalists for the Business of the Year category at the E3 Business Awards, and also a finalist in the on-line business of the year awards at the Red Rose Awards. 

These are exciting times for us & had us scrambling to cobble together the suitable attire to attend the events, with the more well-heeled members of the team loaning tuxedos etc to make sure we were all suitably turned out. 

We are thrilled to have been shortlisted for the prestigious awards. With the entire team having worked tirelessly to deliver the very best of service and customer experience. The nominations were also significant validation of our decision to move our operations back to the UK from India.

Moving into the rest of the year we are really keen to get more recognition of our efforts and get the DJ's out again.. even if we do have to share. 

Nigel Eastwood CEO